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System thinking through 'Women's Safety while travelling'

These days, every Indian state’s main agenda is to ensure women safety. Considering the fact that a lot of women are opting for solo travel, it has become a major aim for the government to keep them safe. In fact, significant changes are being made in the travel and hospitality sector to achieve the same. A number of states in India are going women-friendly and trying their best to make these places perfect. Having said this, India does present some greater risks – especially with regards to staring, unwanted attention, and sexual harassment – than other countries. There is a significant gender disparity in India, and you do come across some negative and outdated attitudes towards women – such as the film director who suggested women should carry condoms in case they are raped. It’s wise to be prepared, and be able to safeguard yourself, and take things in stride.

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"If your road to the goal is shortened, you must be having a good system!"

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